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Microfiber Mitt Duster

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    Microfiber Mitt Duster 3 Finger

    Construction:  Microfiber 3 Finger Hand Duster allows you to dust or disinfect anything you can get your hands on! It features 300 gram per square meter woven microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth is an 80/20 blend woven split microfiber that which will pick up and hold dust and dirt; it actually attracts it like a magnet dust to the positively charged fibers. The Microfiber Hand Duster also has a durable elastic cuff which will ensure that the duster lasts a long time even after being washed over and over. The microfiber cloth that the hand duster is constructed from is also extremely absorbent.
    Uses: Our Microfiber Hand Duster is a good tool for dusting as well as disinfecting. For dusting it works well because you can dust anything you can get your hands on including hard to dust items like banisters, chairs, and other ornate object. Since the hand duster is made from the same material as our All Purpose Microfiber Towels it has the same ability to absorb and hold liquid making it great at disinfecting. Do NOT use this as an oven mitt. Like most synthetic fibers, microfiber will melt when exposed to heat.
    Method: Use the Microfiber Hand Duster dry for dusting or wet for cleaning and disinfecting. For dusting, simply slide your hand inside the microfiber duster and begin dusting. For disinfecting or any wet cleaning with chemicals you may want to use a latex glove underneath the hand duster. Then, apply your cleaner or disinfectant either directly to the hand duster or to the surface to be cleaned. When the duster is saturated with dust and dirt it can be machine washed with other microfiber items or rinsed off, then it can be machine or air dried.
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