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Odorcide 210 Original Scent Pint

  • Product Description


    Odorcide 210 is a safe, economical and effective deodorizing product that leads to the complete elimination of odors.

     It Works

    • Permanently eliminates, NOT masks, malodors
    • Immediate results with no dwell time
    • Covers the complete range of odors caused by animal, human urine, feces, emesis, male cat spray, decaying organic matter, mold, and mildew

     Different Technology

    • Bonding (chemisorption), counteraction, absorption
    • No problematic enzymes, bacteria, oxidizers, olfactory desensitizers
    • Inhibitors and residuals, which prevent new odors from old and new deposits

     It's Safe

    • Nontoxic, nonirritating, and nonflammable
    • Can be used on wool (does not break down wool fibers)
    • Nonstaining, nonionic, and noncarcinogenic
    • Biodegradable, water based, pH 6.8 when diluted
    • Noncorrosive

     It's Economical

    • Indefinite shelf life in all forms
    • Highly-concentrated variable dilutions

     It's Compatible 

    • Works with germicides, unlike enzyme-bacteria-based products
    • Works with all detergents
    • Can be added to laundary


     One-time odor elimination

    For carpet, locate the source of the odor (a black light or moisture probe may help identify urine deposits) and treat after vacuuming loose dirt and debris. Mix concentrate with water at a rate of 1:16 (8 oz per gallon) and saturate 50% beyond the actual “spot” area. For general carpet deodorizing, add Odorcide directly to the cleaning extraction system insuring it penetrates to the odor source. Increase penetration by using a roller, hand manipulation or by “walking” the product in.

    On-going odor elimination

    Dilute with water or cleaning solution at a rate of ½ oz per gallon. Apply to common areas with mop, sponge or trigger sprayer. Use higher dilution for more severe odor situations.

     Dilution Instructions

    • For serious, deeply imbedded odors dilute 8oz per gallon of water (1:16)
    • For milder odors dilute 2-4oz per gallon of water (1:32-1:64)
    • For topical or general on going deodorization dilute 1/2oz per gallon of water (1:256)
    • For organic decomposition dilute 8oz per gallon of water (1:16)


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